Navajo Bixby: Down Under

Aug 30, 2010 Posted by Adam

Tomorrow will be one year to the day that Navajo Bixby graced us with two incredible, sun-bleached, hypnotic pop songs - "Many Ways" and "Moonlighting".

If you remember, both of these tracks fit precariously under the chill-wave/beach-pop tag, exhibiting an overt grasp on the psychedelic, the tropical, and the repetitiously catchy, while bordering on an entropic atonality that made each track sound a little... weird, and frankly, more interesting than anything else you can call "chill-wave." Well, Navajo Bixby is back, and with one more member to call their own!

"Down Under" picks up where we left off last summer, like a time machine that can only be programmed for summer... the bouncy rhythms are still there, the hooks, the haze, the beach ball, floating waves, sand-in-your-toes spirit... it's all still there. It's like they never left us!

Navajo Bixby - Down Under

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