Black Tambourine

Apr 2, 2010 Posted by Adam

The new Black Tambourine overview compilation is a collection of the tracks previously issued on 1999's Complete Recordings, with a few newly recorded tracks and old demos thrown in for a whole new generation of Black Tambourine fans.

This reissue of sorts couldn't come at a better time, with so many new bands referencing Black Tambourine whether they know it or not. On first listen, not knowing Black Tambourine's back story, this collection sounds like it could, and should be released right along with Dum Dum Girls, Vivian Girls, Grass Widow, and every other washed out, shoegaze pop group with 60's girl group-style vocals that's currently on the market. Only, so few groups do it as well as Black Tambourine.

Black Tambourine - For Ex-Lover's Only (First Demo)

Black Tambourine - Drown

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